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Walnut Creek Trivia

Why Trivia?

As a sports bar, competition is one thing we love, and there’s no better competition than trivia! Not only is trivia a fun competition to test your knowledge, but when done right, it is a ton of fun for everyone playing. Ensuring our trivia nights are fun is our top priority! We are excited to become one of the hottest new trivia spots in Walnut Creek.

Twisted Times Trivia Night

Though we are a sports bar, we know not everyone is a sports fanatic, so our trivia games cover a large variety of topics, such as art, history, science, literature, music, movies, pop culture, cooking, and sports! We partner with Sporcle Live!, one of the best live trivia host companies, that uses premade questions designed to test players’ knowledge in a variety of topics. Twisted Times is one of only two venues in the East Bay that is hosted by Sporcle Live!

Game Format & Prizes

Here’s how our trivia games work:

· You can have 1-30 people per team

· We play 2 games

· Each game has 8 regular questions, 2 special mystery questions, and then a final question

The first place team for a round wins a $25 gift certificate to Twisted Times and the second place team for a round wins a $15 gift certificate to Twisted Times. If you really know your stuff, you could walk out with $50 worth of gift certificates!

Food and Drink Specials

An essential piece of having a good time at trivia is being able to enjoy some delicious food and drinks while you’re playing. Therefore, we always make sure your food and drink needs are covered with weekly specials for trivia players! Whether it be a free side, half off a particular snack, or happy hour drink pricing, we’ll make sure you’re covered.

So if you’re in Walnut Creek or the greater bay area and looking for an exciting new trivia spot, stop by Twisted Times every Wednesday at 7 and 8pm.

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