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Walnut Creek's Home for Sports Fans

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Name the Game, We Got the TV

At Twisted Times, we pride ourselves as being a destination for any and all sports fans. We are located in the bay area, which means you’re sure to see the Giants, Warriors, or 49ers on multiple TVs whenever they’re playing. However, we have 20 TVs, which means there will almost always be a screen for you to watch YOUR team. We don’t discriminate, whether it’s the NBA, Badminton, NASCAR, or anything in between, if it’s on TV, we got you! There may be other sports bars in Walnut Creek, but none of them offer the same selection of games and ability to reserve a TV for nearly every guest.

Walnut Creek’s Family Friendly Sports Bar & Restaurant

We live for crazy sports fandom. The passion, the excitement, it’s what we love! However, we also have created an atmosphere that encourages sports passion, and is also welcoming for the whole family. At Twisted Times, you won’t have to worry about any drunken, obnoxious behavior from any of our guests, as we have a zero tolerance for that. We love having people here excited about sports, but we also make sure anyone who isn’t interested in sports and just wants to come for dinner and a drink, feels welcome and comfortable.

Got a Big Crew? We’ll Organize Your Own Viewing Party

We know that if you’re a big sports fan, you likely have a ton of friends that are also sports fan. Let’s say you and 12 of your old college buddies want to get together to watch your alma matter play a big game on a Saturday morning. Let us know and we can reserve the outdoor patio for you and set every TV to your game. Suppose you and 10 friends want to watch a big soccer match, but it starts an hour before we open. Give us a call and we’ll open early for you to give you a place to watch the big game while enjoying some delicious breakfast. All of this to say, we make it our priority to cater to your sports interests, which is what makes us Walnut Creek’s home for sports fans!

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