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Walnut Creek’s Best (and Hottest) Hot Dog

Introducing the Diablo Reaper

If you’ve ever tasted a hot dog that had some extra heat, likely there was one ingredient that provided that extra spice. Maybe this “hot” dog used a really spicy ketchup, or the cheese had an extra kick to it. But likely there one or two ingredients that were on the hotter side, every single ingredient probably wasn’t at its hottest.

But our famous Diablo Reaper Dog defies this norm, as every single ingredient of this fire dog is extra hot. Carolina Reaper cheese, pickled Jalapeno relish, ghost pepper ketchup, and Chinese Mustard all in one hot dog. It’s a combination so crazy one would think its too hot to be good, or even edible. However, it’s this very combination that produced Walnut Creek’s hottest, and also best tasting hot dog.

Extremely Hot, Extremely Good Bay Area Dog

When we start experimenting in our kitchen/hot dog lab, our goal was to make a hot dog that was both very hot and tasted great. It took a few tries until we got our hot dog right. We had some hot dogs that were hot, but didn’t taste good, or tasted great, but weren’t hot enough, or ones that were just way too hot to even eat. Yes, our diablo reaper dog is very hot, but it’s not so hot that it’s a painful experience finishing. Just make sure you have a glass of water close by while you’re eating it!

Can YOU Handle the Heat?

If you’re reading this you might be asking yourself whether this hot dog is too hot for you. If you are highly sensitive to spicy foods, this is probably not the hot dog for you, but you may love our classic snake river farm dog. If you love hot dogs and can handle some level of spice, definitely give it a try. And if you have tried the hottest hot dogs all around the bay area, this is definitely the hot dog for you to try next!

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