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Walnut Creek Craft Beer

Drink Local

With many things in life, choosing local is the best option, and beer is no different. At Twisted Times, our rotating taps always feature high-quality beers brewed locally. The East Bay and Walnut Creek is home to some of the finest breweries that produce outstanding craft beer, and as a bar and restaurant, it as our duty to expose our customers to the best.

Breweries We Love

Guests of Twisted Times looking to grab a beer on draft could find any of these local breweries represented on our tap list: Epidemic Ales in Concord, HenHouse Brewing in Petaluma, Del Cielo Brewing in Martinez, Fieldwork Brewing in Berkeley, Faction Brewing in Alameda, and more! It’s important to mix things up, which is why any given week our guests may find brews from completely different breweries on draft.

Draft Variety

Beer drinkers have very different tastes, which is why Twisted’s tap list will always show a variety of options. There will always be multiple IPAs on tap (hazy, double, etc.), at least one lager, something fruity, and Guiness Draught is always on tap too!

For anyone who loves trying different craft beers brewed locally, there will always be something new to try at Twisted Times. So stop on by and ask us, “What’s on tap?”

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