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Bay Area Bourbon Cheeseburger

Why the Bourbon Burger

Walnut Creek is known for high-quality food of all variety, and the burgers are no exception. With so many restaurants and burger joints in the surrounding bay area with excellent burgers, we knew we had to make ours different. Our key ingredient, bourbon onion relish. This one ingredient takes what would already be a delicious burger (8 oz. angus beef, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato on brioche bun) and makes it delicious and unique. Everyone loves a good cheeseburger, but a good cheeseburger that also tastes different that one you’ve had before, that’s a special thing.

Most Popular Menu Item for a Reason

It’s no surprise that our bourbon cheeseburger is consistently our top selling item. The flavor combination is unique and delicious. Our burger doesn’t taste like every other one you’ll find in Walnut Creek or around the bay area, which is why our guests keep coming back to order it. We also recommend pairing the burger with our sidewinder fries served with our signature twisted sauce. If you’re a burger connoisseur around the East Bay area, stop by and try our bourbon cheeseburger, you won’t be disappointed.

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