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Bay Area... Alligator??

“So, I have a question about the menu. It says right here, ‘Alligator nuggets’ what’s that?”

“It’s alligator”

“Really? Is it good? What does it taste like?”

“It’s very good. Texture is like a mix between shrimp and pork. You wanna try it?”

This is a very frequent conversation we have at our restaurant. It comes with the territory of having alligator on the menu. In some areas of the country, having alligator on the menu is pretty standard, but in the bay area, it’d be a tough time finding it anywhere.

So, let’s talk about why we have alligator on our menu, and why it’s worth stopping by Twisted Times Restaurant to give it a try.

Life on the “Twisted” Side

Those who have eaten at our restaurant before will know that we have a menu that’s divided in two, “twisted” and “civilized”. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the classics (hot dog, cheeseburger, pretzel bites), and also offer some crazier options (BBQ bacon sushi, diablo hot dog, and of course, alligator).

We want to offer our customers a unique experience; give them something that can’t get everywhere else. But, for people just looking for some classic, delicious bar or comfort food, that’s on the menu also!

From Louisiana to Walnut Creek

“How do you guys even get it? Where does it come from?” We get asked this question a lot. No, we don’t catch them out of the famous Walnut Creek Swamp. Our alligator comes straight from Louisiana. We use a high-quality, reliable distributor to ensure the alligator you enjoy is delicious.

Just Try It

Ultimately we don’t want to convince anyone to come and try alligator at our restaurant, but we’re hoping this will pique your interest enough that you’ll stop by and give it a try.

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