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... in addition to our breakfast menu



Eggs Benedict

New York

toasted english muffin, seasoned 6 oz New York,

sauteed mushrooms, 3 poached eggs,

house-made hollandaise

Cuban Benedict

sliced baguette, swiss, pulled pork, diced ham, dill relish, poached eggs, mustard sauce


toasted english muffin, sauteed spinach,

sauteed mushrooms, 2 poached eggs,

house-made hollandaise


toasted english muffin, sauteed mushrooms,

fresh avocado, sliced grilled tomato,

2 poached eggs,

house-made hollandaise


toasted english muffin, sliced canadian bacon,

2 poached eggs,

house-made hollandaise

Country Home

toasted house-made biscuit piled high with

ham, bacon, poached eggs 

house-made spicy hollandaise


toasted english muffin, tex-mex grilled chicken,

2 poached eggs, pico de gallo,

house-made spicy hollandaise

Pulled Pork

toasted english muffin, house pulled pork

2 poached eggs,

house-made spicy hollandaise

Benedict Slider

toasted brioche, angus beef, bacon, lettuce,

tomato, cheddar cheese, poached eggs

house-made hollandaise

Blackened Shrimp

toasted english muffin,

pan-seared blackened shrimp, 2 poached eggs

house-made hollandaise


Spinach & Feta

whipped eggs, sauteed spinach, feta


whipped eggs, chili, cheddar cheese, bacon,

topped with chopped onions

Smokin' Italian

whipped eggs, tomato, basil, garlic,

smoked mozzarella


whipped eggs, spicy chicken, green peppers,

onions, mushrooms,

topped with sour cream


French Toast Sandwich

fried egg, cheddar cheese, maple pepper bacon,

between two slices of golden french toast

Blueberry Muffins

two freshly baked muffins with blueberries,

whipped butter

Eggs & Stuff

Country Scramble

eggs scrambled with breakfast sausage,

bell peppers, onions, mushrooms,

on a bed of hashbrowns

topped with house-made country gravy

Biscuits & Gravy

house-baked biscuit split,

covered in creamy spicy sausage gravy

touched by a ghost!

Chicken Fried Steak

1/4 pound chicken fried steak

house-made creamy sausage gravy

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